GET POSTed provides an API that helps you make POST requests via a simple url.

Make requests to

This is an easy way to fill out a form that only accepts POST requests via a link.
Imagine you want to email someone a link to sign into a website with a guest account,
but you don't want to make them type the username and password into the login form themself.
You can't embed a completed form in an email, since no modern e-mail client supports HTML forms.
You can't send a GET request to the server, since it requires POST requests for authentication.
Now you can include an email to a url that will redirect the recipient's
browser to submit a completed form via POST.

This service works by providing a hidden form that is built on page-load and uses javascript
to 'click' the form submission. This means you need to have a javascript enabled browser to
use the service.

Note: Do not use this service for sensitive information.
If you're not comfortable with anyone seeing what you're sending,
don't send it via a website you found out about 15 minutes ago.

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Step by Step:

1. Create a regular link to
2. Determine the url of the form you're submitting to.
3. Add that to the link, with the name 'action':
--- e.g.
--- Note: responds to POST requests with a JSON summary of your request.
4. Add key/value pairs seperated by '&'
--- e.g.
5. That's it! Your URL will now redirect and make a POST request.

A project by @CJKinni

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